Little RocknRollers

Group music classes and private lessons for kids

Little RocknRollers is a series of classes for babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers designed to foster a love & appreciation of music. Karyn Kuhl is currently active in the music business as a singer, songwriter, guitarist & band leader for Karyn Kuhl Band. Her music has been featured in film & TV as well. She has been teaching children for 2 decades and uses her own original kids songs & popular favorites to nurture her students’ musicality..

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Little RocknRollers Babies ( infants – 1 yr.)

Little RocknRollers Babies is the perfect first music class for your infant – 1 yr. old. The class is designed for babies that are held, sitting up or crawling. Karyn leads the group by singing and playing her acoustic guitar. She uses her own original kids songs, traditional children’s music and popular music from other genres. Through repetitive listening and the use of colorful easy to grasp instruments, your baby’s early processing skills will be enhanced. At approximately 6 months, babies in class begin vocalizing, moving to the music, tapping on drums and shaking shakers. Little RocknRollers Babies offers a creative way for parents and caregivers to deepen the bond with their pre-verbal child in a relaxed and fun group setting.

Little RocknRollers-Toddlers (1-2 yrs.)

Little RocknRollers Toddlers is designed for 1-2 yr. olds that are becoming verbal and very physically active. It’s time to rock and roll! Karyn leads the group by singing and playing her acoustic guitar. She uses her own original kids songs, traditional children’s music and popular songs from many other genres. The musical concepts of pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics and tempo are introduced informally. Children get hands-on time with musical instruments and are encouraged to explore their physical potential in a safe and fun atmosphere. With music as the catalyst, your child will learn to follow directions, lengthen attention span and develop social skills.

Little RocknRollers – Big Kids ( 2-4yrs.)

Little RocknRollers Big Kids is designed for 2-4 yr. olds with rapidly developing cognitive, verbal and motor skills.  The class provides your child with an introduction to guitar and ukulele. Children play along with Karyn using their own child-size guitar or ukulele. They learn the proper way to hold the instrument and focus is kept mainly on the strumming hand. Using a guitar pick, playing simple strumming patterns, learning the names of the strings and parts of the guitar will be some of your child’s newly acquired musical skills. Musical note values are introduced with the use of hand drums. With the use of Karyn’s fun and educational kids songs along with a steady focus on guitar and drums, your child’s relationship to Music deepens. Basic concepts previously explored in Little RocknRollers Toddlers, such as pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics and tempo are defined and integrated into your child’s musical vocabulary

Little RocknRollers- Mixed Age ( 6 months-4 Years)

Little RocknRollers Mixed Age class incorporates elements of the Babies, Toddlers and Drum ‘n Strum classes. There is something for everyone in this high- spirited, interactive musical experience! Children get hands-on time with musical instruments and the opportunity to develop social skills in a safe and fun group setting. Karyn leads the class by singing and playing acoustic guitar and with the use of recorded music. She features her own original kids songs, traditional children’s music and a wide array of popular songs from all decades and genres.


We’ve been going to this class on and off for 5 years and it is consistently amazing. Karyn is a musician herself and really knows how to tailor the class to your child’s age group. It’s not only fun for your child but i always have a blast listening to her music choices and watching the kids have so much fun. Karyn is also just a wonderful person to boot in and instinctively knows how to connect with your child and the class. We love Julie, her assistant too.

-Rachel Walder-Post

I’ve had both of my sons in Karyn’s classes for the last four years. She is amazing!! The classes aren’t the typical music classes for kids. She teaches rhythm, musical notes, and tempo in such an engaging way. The kids are able to use drums, ukeleles, shakers, bells, and even beach balls to learn them! Her original music and use of classics is fun for everyone! To watch the kids’ faces says it all-they are mesmerized by Karyn and her music. It has been a great foundation for my children’s love of music!

-Patrick Shelley

Karyn is the best! We’ve been to the baby class and also the mixed age class, and she does an excellent job of catering to kids of all different ages. She has a wonderful energy that the kids really respond to, and she’s great at drawing them out and engaging everyone. We always have a ball. Love her material also, some fun spins on the classics, as well as great original songs!

-Rosamund Cogswell


Little RocknRollers is created, owned and taught by Karyn Kuhl. Karyn has been teaching Music to children since 2001. She is also a professional rock musician. For more info visit &

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